Looking for love.

Username: Fenixee

Country: Russia

City: Volgograd

Date of Birth: 1st-June-1975

Age: 44

Height: 5 feet 5 inches/165cm

Weight: 110 lbs (49.9 kg)

More About Me

Self Description and Interests
I am utmost concentrated and serious when it concerns some important matters or business. At the same time I love fun and be funny, socializing with friends. I also love a nice queit time in the circle of the closest people. I love Fine Art exhibitions (at least I would not feel sleepy there), sports (jogging especially), studying (as a process), cooking (only when inspired - sorry). I love animals and all the Alive Nature of this world. Homeless dogs and cats break my heart. I like any music till it is well done. As for my religious beliefs, I think that everything in the Universe has a spirit. I think that religious books are just mere human interpretations or speculations... but the Truth is still somewhere out there. I think that everyone of us has to find the Truth by his own. I believe that everyhting and everybody are connected, that any consequence is always related to the definite cause, that we are never punished by troubles, but trained. That the stream of everybody's life is "equipped" with a kind of "road signs", but we are not taught to perceive them. And that life is eternal. I think that a big lie in life is the statement that to reach a goal is difficult. It is simple - just stand up and pursue it. What really may turn out to be difficult is to make yourself to stand up.
Type of man seeking
I am looking for a really good guy for me. I am not much sure who should he be. I can hardly outline a portrait, but... let's say he should be someone with a very masculine mentality, sporty, active, funny and curious about life in all its constructive facets. I am fit, well-built, so I'd love to find a guy who takes care about his body and his health too. And one more thing: I value mutual care, tenderness, warmth and loyalty in relaitionship. This is absolutely important. Actually there is much more to say here but it's really difficult to formulate... May be I'll add something here later. P.S. Now I can add here more with an absolute certainty - He should not drink alcohol. He should differentiate sobriety and alcohol intoxication. I lead a totally sober life. If he drinks half a liter of wine or 1 liter of beer and thinks he remains sober, then we are just not a match.
Relationship Status
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No children at all
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Eye Color
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Drinking Habit
Do not drink
Smoking Habit
Do not smoke
English, Russian
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