Internet Match-Making - Useful Tips
When you register at any matchmaking site, you will have to create a personal profile that reflects what you are like and what you are looking for. Here are a few tips that could help you create a good personal ad and not to miss the match of your dreams.

l. Be honest
Don't say athletic build if your only exercise is walking to the fridge during commercials.
Don't say "social smoker" or "social drinker" if you can't go long without either.
The truth almost always comes out sooner or later. Be honest and avoid the disappointment and breakup caused by dishonesty. Just let your future match love you as you are, for who you are.

2. Be specific, give details!
Write an attention-getting headline for your personal ad. You and at least five million others fit the description "Nice man seeking honest woman". Write something different even if you are a "nice man seeking honest woman". Remember that you want a title to catch attention and make the reader want to read it. Something that somehow reflects the theme of your ad is good. Take a look at other personal ads and see what titles catch your eye.
List your interests and what you're looking for in both your match and in the relationship. Don't say "I like doing just about everything" or "I like doing all the normal things". Show your personality! Express some of your beliefs! If you want your match to be Druid, mention it. If your biggest dream to have five children, say so.

3. Post your photo
The photo in your personal ad really increases your chance to find someone special. Many people don't even look at ads without pictures. On most dating sites you can search only on personal ads with photos, so if you don't have one, you won't even show up in the list.
Post current photos of you smiling so people can see your face. Don't post a photo that is several years old. If you think you still look EXACTLY the same, believe you don't. Also don't post a photo where your face is obstructed by something (shadows, a hat, etc) or a photo from your driver's license.

4. And last but not least - be positive!!!
Let other people see your enthusiasm and zest for life through your personal ad.